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Elite in the agriculture industry


A young man who integrates IoT and blockchian technology with rice production, making the process of a grain of rice from growing, including fertilization, irrigation and temperature changes, to being sold to market totally transparent and traceable to everyone in the world. Self-branded rice “Rice Valley” has been exported to places such as Oman, Hong Kong, Los Angeles.

By using kites and scarecrows resemble to eagles and falcons to drive out wild ducks and birds, they have effectively reduce the conflict between farmers and wildlife. Promoting multiple environmental education curriculums to communities and schools, they evoke more people to value the relationship between agricultural production and the environment. Mr. Wei makes good use of technologies and holds the spirits of sustainability and green environments and was nominated for the Award of Environmental Education by the local government.



In order to break into the Muslim market, it successfully became the first ever rice brand using blockchain to obtain halal certification


It, out of all the Chishang rice, successfully became the first to obtain FDA approval from the United States


In order to enhance the value of Taiwanese rice through creativity, it received positive feedbacks, as being dedicated to the Vatican Pope as a gift and made Taiwan's agricultural technology famous overseas once again.

A Present to the Holy See: Organic Rice MIT

The world's first rice grown using blockchain technology. With the help of OwlTing’s blockchain technology, sensors and monitoring systems to create a tamper-resistant record of the development of the rice through the water quality, temperature, as well as the milling process, in which grains not suited to our standards, are separated from the Grade A rice. Rice Valley promises to only deliver safe and premium quality rice from the day it’s planted to the day it reaches your table. Rice Valley Products are also Certified Organic, Halal, and approved by the Holy See. Great in taste with zero cholesterol. It is also 100% vegan and gluten-free. Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa of Narisawa Restaurant in Tokyo, headed by who was selected as One of the World’s Best 50 Restaurants, and a 2 Star Michelin Chef trusts only the quality of Rice Valley rice.

Through the shared story from Mr. Wei, it provides us with a better understanding of how the combination of agriculture and technology enhances the value of the products.