Keynote Speaker


Dr. Joy Kamakamaewailani Rodriguez

Professor, Beijing Forestry University

Director of Conversations Camp

Introduction of Joy K. Rodriguez

Dr. Joy Kamakamaewailani Rodriguez is an “Oral English” Professor at Beijing Forestry University (until August 2017) and a Consultant to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Student Travel Schools (STS-China), Disney-Shanghai, and Jumeira University (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). She is the ESL Director of ConversationsCamp, and has taught The “Movies&Music” Class to more than 14,000 Students and Educators Worldwide.


For non-native learners: 5 easy media ways to speak English better


I am Dr. Joy K. Rodriguez, an English Language Educator, who travels worldwide, teaching Non-Native Speakers (NNS) “how to speak and practice English” with Native Speakers (NS or Foreigners). 

Because Technology is such an integral part of all of our lives these days, I, strategically, use multi-media tools (including: the Internet, movies, music, realia, etc) to REACH and TEACH.  I still teach all the required pedagogical components of Language Learning (grammar, vocabulary, TEST-PREP, etc), but with a “conversational” emphasis on (1) Phrasal Verbs, (2) Slang or Jargon, and (3) Idioms, for “natural” speaking, better pronunciation, and fluency!

If you’re a Non-Native Speaker (NNS) or Teacher, then you know, first-hand, how daunting it can be to not only learn a new language, but to speak it.  Foreign Language Anxiety (Xenoglossophobia) is one part of this communication problem, but, another, rarely discussed, part is what I’ve coined, “foreignerphobia”.  Foreignerphobia is “an extreme fear of speaking to or with Native Speakers (foreigners)” in their native language (L1).

This Keynote presentation reviews 3 types of NNS ANXIETY: Trait, Situation-Specific and State. I will also discuss (based on research results) some reasons WHY NNS may feel foreigner-phobic. I will provide you with The “Movies & Music” Class examples to show you how to help your students MINIMIZE or OVER-COME this “conversation-crippling” problem (plus, introduce the ingredients of a ForeignerThon) … all easily implementable Teaching and Learning tools.